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cz-143-3I am passionate about bridging business and technology. More than average interested in exploring how digital developments bring about changes for industries, businesses, people and the society at large. I do this through working with commercializing tech startups, advising businesses on how to address digital shifts and blogging.

I am also a business angel for tech startups, and normally get engaged during the seed or pre-venture capital stage. I love working with startups that are ready for commercialization, and that have international ambitions.With its highly educated workforce and digitized population, Norway is a great place to develop and test new tech driven ideas. However, we are very few, so new ideas need to reach beyond our boarders.

I have 15+ years experience working with digital transformation through paradigm shifting technologies. I am passionate about how new technologies impact market developments, change industries and create new opportunities. Why? Because I love change and thrive in uncertain environments where you have to “feel” your way forward – step by step.

Some of the technology shifts I have been actively involved with, are mobility, big data, e/m-commerce, search, contextual computing, content marketing and social media. And now, I am all over the Internet of Things (IoT) and working with the combination of hardware and software as well as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

I am a co-initiator of Norway.AI and Oslo.AI, which are part of Nordic.AI – a community-initiatied nonprofit organization with the purpose of gathering the artificial intelligence and machine learning ecosystems in the the Nordics under one umbrella.

With international experience from building and managing teams across borders and from establishing market positions across all continents, I enjoy working with companies who have international scope and ambitions. I also acknowledge that there is a lack of venture capital available for all the great startups in smaller markets, like Norway. Therefore, I have co-founded the PierX Venture Hub, which is a collaborative workspace located at Aker Brygge in Oslo, Norway, where competence and capital meet to scale tech companies better and faster.

I am fluent in Norwegian and English (US), and speak conversational level Spanish. I hold an MBA from Boston University, and live in Oslo, Norway – but consider myself an international citizen.