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Digital transformation

Digital Transformation

The technological revolution that has been happening over the past decades is now at the point that digital transformation happens everywhere. There is no longer one single department that needs to possess the IT knowledge, it is the entire company.

Digitization influences and changes every industry and company, and much of the changes taking place is because users are in control of the experience. All enterprises need to take this into account, otherwise they will slowly, but surely, crumble. Zeier & Co. acts as a bridge builder between businesses and technology – enabling the growth of new digital business models.

With special focus on improving the customer experience in interaction with corporate products and services, Zeier & Co. focuses particularly on customer experience management, and how new ways to interact with the end user affects existing business models and organizational operations as a whole. To see industry and business changes due to digital developments as an opportunity, rather than a threat, is an important approach in this process.

Zeier & Co. works with businesses on many levels – but always with a focus on being a guide from strategy to realization:

  • ANALYSIS & STRATEGY: Getting to know the industry and business at hand, the current market position and  identifying whether embracing digital change may strengthen or protect the current position or perhaps enable a move. Lay out the foundation and roadmap of the path to digital transformation and becoming a digital master.
  • EVALUATION & RECOMMENDATION: What kind of setup and systems exist, what needs to be developed, and how
  • EXPERTISE & ORGANIZATION: How to organize organizational knowledge and employees to work with a digital approach
  • ENABLEMENT & IMPLEMENTATION: Leading the organization on their first steps and digital pilot project