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Go-to-Market Strategies

Zeier & Co. assists in commercializing new technology start-up companies, or more mature technology environments looking to enter new commercial areas or new vertical offerings.

With experience in building business opportunities for Norwegian technology outside our borders as well as good international networks in place, Zeier & Co. helps with the creation of new business opportunities at home and abroad.

The Go- to-Market strategies often used the following framework as a starting point:

  • DIAGNOSIS & FORECAST: How is the industry structured, and what does the value chain look like? Is there potential to create a new business area or disrupt the value chain? What does future developments look like – are there trends pointing towards a direction?
  • EXPLORATION & SELECTION: What can the company do to create value to its customers – what is the USP? Which strategy should the company pursue?
  • COMMITMENT & ACTIONS: What kind of initiatives need to be done in order to act in accordance to the strategy set out?